The Calming Sounds of The Hang Drum, Guitar, Cello and Ocean Waves (Feat. Ann Malone)


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Improve the quality of your rest, aid relaxation and provide ambiance with this gorgeously crisp, high fidelity recording of the calming sounds of the hang drum, guitar, cello, didgeridoo, ocean waves, and rainforest. The supple, primal rhythms of nature will calm your mind, ease away stress and cover background noise. Many people across the world have discovered the benefits of the healing sounds of nature for sleep and relaxation.

Discover the soothing tones of the hang, a new steel drum-like instrument that creates a unique, relaxing tapestry of sound. Ann Malone's supple instrumental textures will deliver you to a space of calm, inner quiet and deep relaxation, making this music an ideal sleep aid.

Music lovers across the world praise the hang for its divine combination of melody, rhythm and ringing drone. Enjoy this collection of new work from a leading voice in the instrument.
he hang is an instrument that allows Ann Malone to express the warmth and beauty that lies within her soul.
In her words:
"Music is my life! I've been singing and playing since I was a musical journey has taken me from the vibrant music of Dublin in Ireland to the tropical sounds of Mexico, from gigging at the Mean Fiddler in London to playing the hang in Glastonbury. A few years ago I discovered the hang and have been developing my unique style of playing, now recognized and embraced by wonderful souls such as Shiva Rea, Danny Paradise, Michael Stillwater and Jai Utall. Hang music allows me to speak from my heart to your heart in the purest way. It is an instrument without a history, waiting to be explored and nurtured--a unique opportunity for all who want to dive deeply into the sound of heart!"

Each Inner Splendor Sleep Music and Relaxation Project CD is made with the utmost care and integrity of sound, designed to induce pure relaxation. We invite you to explore each one.

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