SonoTone Concert Acoustic Guitar Strings 12-53


(as of 10/11/2019 at 14:33 UTC)


We have recaptured the historic and classic acoustic strings from a bygone era with SonoTone Concert strings. Discover new ways to experience your guitar with classic tone. Our custom brass alloy, hex core, brass wound acoustic guitar strings, instill a more traditional and vintage vibe. The Concert string tone projects clarity, brilliance, and warmth. We wanted acoustic guitar players to be able to harness brighter and more accurate tones, from the classic past, in the modern recording studio. SonoTone premium strings are expertly designed to offer unparalleled tone and feel in any playing style. We understand that you are serious about your tone, and we have developed an array of different formulas to help you master the art of your sound. Our custom formulas can faithfully produce authentic vintage tones from the 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond! By combining our time-tested American craftsmanship, with a modern approach to the needs of today's guitar player, we have created a line of strings that possess unmatched fidelity and amazing feel... the kind of feel that makes it hard to put your guitar down.


  • 12 • 16 • 24 • 32 • 42 • 53


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