Pirates Guitars & Beachfront Bars


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An infectious high-energy collection of songs that fuse rock, reggae, country and ska to create a unique sound celebrating the island way of life. A great addition to your warm weather vacation playlist!

When listening to Pirates, Guitars & Beachfront Bars, you'll imagine Jimmy Buffett, Sammy Hagar, Bob Marley and Shabba Ranks all sitting on a beach writing and playing music together. What an awesome exprience that would be for any beach music fan. Throw Zack Brown and Jack Johnson into the mix and you've got a party! Listeners beware: It's not folky and romantic. This stuff is fun and infectious!

A party is what PGBB is all about. James and company are adding a whole new dimension to the tropical beach genre by starting out with a base of high energy, rum drinking, rock-n-roll. The combination of crunchy guitars, fat horns, marimbas and steel drums are a refreshingly cool sound to add to your warm weather vacation playlist.


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