One-string Cigar Box Guitar DiddleyBow Kit – Easy to Build, all parts, hardware & instructions included


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This is a complete, ready-to-assemble cigar box diddley bow kit designed in the C. B. Gitty workshops to allow just about anyone to build a fun, easy-to-play instrument. We have taken all of the guess-work out of it - every part and piece that you will need is included in the kit, and our fully illustrated assembly guide will walk you confidently through building your diddley bow. **** What is a diddley bow? A diddley bow is a one-string instrument whose lineage goes back thousands of years. The first prototype diddley bow (in the style also known as a Musical Bow) was painted on cave walls in France upwards of 15,000 years ago! Traditionally, diddley bows were made using a plank with two nails/posts with a tightened string stretched between them. When that string is plucked or struck with a stick, and a smooth hard object is used as a slide and moved up and down on the string, different pitches result and melodies can be played. You can see a picture of the style of diddley bow built from this kit above.


  • Build an awesome one-string cigar box diddley bow with this complete kit
  • Features a real cigar box and all of the parts, hardware you'll need, plus an illustrated instruction booklet
  • Makes a great gift for the "handy" person in your life!
  • Perfect project for first-time instrument builders, or for adults to work on with a child!
  • Only basic tools and woodworking knowledge required.


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