Beauty In America: New Music for Flute, Guitar and Orchestra


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Carla Auld, flutist with the award-winning ensemble UpTown Flutes, has branched out on her own to create this first solo CD. The inspiration for the album came to her as she realized the need for the citizens of the United States to remember the magic and spirit of innovation and individualism the country has always reflected. On this journey, Carla begins with selections from Robert Beaser s eight-song cycle Mountain Songs. The cycle is a celebration of the beautiful majesty of mountain ranges like the Appalachians, whose people are evoked through his arrangements of the traditional songs of the region. Passed down through the tradition of storytelling, each song in the cycle tells its own tale. Beaser brilliantly recasts these pieces, each with both authenticity and originality. By its very title, Green Places - composed by flutist and pianist Gary Schocker - sends a national and international message by reminding the listener to take a fresh new look at our revered places of green. Imagery of rolling hills, gardens and country-sides are characterized in this classical, yet jazzy work. Mark O Connor s The Fallen is the violinist-and-composer s expression of compassion for the people who lost their lives during the Iraq war. As a concerned citizen and artist, O Connor clearly depicts, in his music, the anguish of the brave soldiers of this war heroes who offered their lives in combat for the honor and security of our country. Commissioned by Carla Auld, Voyage to a New Land by Stephen Giammarino portrays the immigrant experience. The first movement, Maiden Voyage, describes the arrival in the United States when hopes and dreams of a new life dominate. In the middle movement, Providence, a longing for the familiar ultimately surfaces. These complex feelings are replaced in the third and final movement by themes representing productivity, imagination, pride in a new homeland and new-found freedom all part of the essence of a newcomer s American life.


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